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  • Coaching

    Executive Coaching

    Are you looking to level up? Do you feel like you need a jolt of caffeine, or a swift kick in the pants? 

    Or maybe someone to push you forward and guide you along the way.

    As owner and CEO of Liberty Kenyon Counseling, I have experience and wisdom to share. 

    As women, our abilities are often questioned. “Leveling up”, as you will hear me say, often involves jolting into “Boss Lady” mode. My coaching style is firm and supportive. Call to chat for a consultation and to learn about how LKC can assist you in achieving your goals.

    Divorce Coaching

    Are you thinking it may be time for a divorce?

    Have your tried everything and nothing is working? Or are you in an abusive situation and know divorce is the decision that needs to be made?

    I have assisted many women in navigating their way out of abusive situations and have worked with both clients and lawyers through the divorce process. Lawyers have often asked my clients to thank me for making their job as attorney much easier. It has often been heard “I don’t know who Liberty is, but she is absolutely amazing!!” Receiving coaching to assist you with the emotional, financial, and custody issues involving divorce frees your lawyer from the burden of attempting to provide therapeutic counseling, allowing them to focus their attention on resolving your case quickly. Saving you time, money and emotional stress. 

    For clients who find themselves in the midst of a divorce from a person with mental health issues, individualized coaching packages are available. Liberty has particular expertise with divorces involving individuals with both covert and overt narcissistic behaviors, as well as obsessive-compulsive disorder, substance abuse, hoarding and porn addiction.

    Do not waste more time trying to do it on your own. The Holmes-Rahe Stress Scale ranks divorce as the second highest stressor, second only to death of a spouse. Divorce is often accompanied by feelings of fear and uncertainty.

    Call today to get to solid ground.